The Right to Food – By Jens Honoré

JunkFood is an NGO started by Michelin Star chef Rasmus Munk. When the Covid-19 lockdown became a reality in Copenhagen, and Rasmus’ restaurant, The Alchemist, had to stay closed for several months in 2020, he decided to start cooking food for homeless people. He called the project JunkFood. Paramount for Rasmus was to make sure JunkFood could keep operating after the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. Luckily it is, but only due to generous donations from people, foundations and companies.

To bring more attention to JunkFood and homeless people in general, Jens contacted Junkfood and suggested creating portraits of the very people, JunkFood is trying to help by serving them a daily meal. Through photography and interviews Jens created a body of work focusing on the importance and emotional significance of food.

See the photos, the videos or listen to the interviews below.



Photos and video by Jens Honoré